Animatronic Repair

We have installed, dismantled, repaired, and maintained countless animatronics ranging from small handheld pieces to entire rooms that rock back and forth, all the way up to $16,000 11' tall Ogres! Many types of valves and components cannot be saved once they've hit a certain level of wear and tear, but with proper maintenance and upkeep, they should be expected to last for well over a decade.

We offer consultations, troubleshooting, and scheduled service plans of all types. Our goal is to keep your animatronics in working order so you never them breaking down!

Additionally, we have, at times, come across animatronics which with no programs, sounds, or control mechanisms. In these instances, we work closely with our clients to reinvent the piece as they see fit with everything from new customized motions and sounds to entirely new choreographed show programs and routines. Of course there are always times that a bit of foam is necessary or latex touch-ups and repainting that naturally comes with the job after a monster has run something like 100,000 cycles, but that's the easy stuff!

Feeling lost? Have questions? We're here to help :)

  • Rusty Animatronic Valve

    Rust! A sure fire way to send your animatronic to an early grave.

  • Rusty Animatronic Valve

    Rust particles grind away at the insides of your valves and pistons

  • mineral buildup inside an animatronic valve

    Well that's not supposed to be there!

  • Gunked up animatronic valves

    Gunked up animatronic valves from a setup with moisture, oil, and rust issues that had gone years without being serviced

  • Animatronic exhaust valve moisture

    A certain 'there is a moisture problem in the system.' Just look at the blast pattern coming out of the exhaust valve!

  • broken animatronic valve working spool

    When you open up the manifold and the working spool is in pieces, it's time to order new parts!

  • animatronic valve cleaning

    This is what it looks like when you clean out 3 years of neglect in an animatronic system that wasn't exactly set up to be issue-free...