General Policy Statement

It is not our intention with this (policy) section to stop anyone from using, linking, copying, remixing, mashing, etc. any of the material on this site. Mostly this is just a better safe than sorry kinda thing, and a HUGE suggestion to link to this site. 99.9% of the time we're not going to care what you do with our stuff as long as you put a link to this site with it. That being said, we DO NOT want anyone passing off our work as their own, which is the real reason for this section. Influence/inspiration is one thing... Direct plagiarism is something completely different... It should also be known that our direct opinion on all forms of remixing/mashing is that it is purely complimentary and should be taken as flattery (as long as the original artist/creator's name has been included with the new creation). Enjoy! Content is the copyright owner or licensee of all content and/or information on this website, unless otherwise indicated (this includes non-licenced and open use licensed 3rd party materials).

Except as otherwise noted or provided, you may use and/or distribute content only under the following conditions:

  • All uses on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and link sharing sites (Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) are acceptable so long as there is a link back to, @GetDecimated on Twitter, the Decimated Designs Facebook Page, or the name "Decimated Designs" is used in the description (i.e. post my content all you want, just don't post it as being your own). The below stipulations do not apply to these instances.
  • Any time Decimated Designs or sends out: content, links to content, or invitations for viewing; it is understood that content will very likely be displayed in some way by those to whom it was sent. Again, the following stipulations do not apply.
  • For all purposes and situations where content is being displayed anywhere other than, a notification will be sent to containing the following: what specific content is being displayed, who is displaying the content, and where the content is being displayed (including a link if applicable).
  • For all situations where content is to be displayed on a site other than, but is still the host of the content being displayed, an Email request will be sent to and an agreement to the request must be received prior to the posting of the content.
  • On any websites hosting content, a clear, visible, and working link to the site is provided.
    For your convenience:
  • Any printed or posted material containing content copied from, must include a clear and visible reference to either "Decimated Designs", or "" as the author/creator/designer of the content, or similar proper title.
  • If a request to remove content copied from (or linking to) is received, you agree to remove it within 24 hours or if you request to use content from and the request is denied, you agree not to post said content.

Other than those few stipulations, you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to use, copy, and distribute content from

Content Infringement Upon

All violations of the policies on this page as well as violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and all other applicable laws will result in action to protect the interests of Decimated Designs and

(I don't mean to be scare you, nothing will probably ever happen, but in the climate surrounding today's copyright issues and sue-happy culture, better safe than sorry)

Content Infringement By

It is not the intention of to violate any copyright laws.

If any situation should arise surrounding this issue, it is purely by accident.

If you believe that content hosted on is in some way infringing on your, or another party's copyrights, PLEASE Email us at to notify us of this violation.

All suspected copyright violations concerning will be dealt with A.S.A.P.


Policies will be added/updated as the need arises. All policy changes will be updated here.

This document has not been reviewed by any legal party, and is in no way officially binding to Decimated Designs, or, it's creator, host, or users (more of just some guidelines and the such).

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