Latex Allergies & Non-Latex Alternatives

Latex allergies suck and if you're here then you probably already know that.

We've been using a synthetic neoprene rubber on custom projects for years and upon request have decided to add it to our arsenal for those with sensitivities. Neoprene is not as stretchy as latex, but is far more durable and long-lasting. We have had some success with full head masks, but generally recommend 1/2 masks with some type of strap in the back (nylon, velcro, leather tie, etc.) or hood attachment. We're not limited to masks though, we also make body armor and body suits.

Most of our molds can be run in latex or neoprene, but to be positive that there are no latex allergens in/on your piece you will want to have a completely separate latex-free mold made up. We take every precaution when creating these molds and pieces including the use of neoprene gloves when we work, and keeping the molds separated from those that run latex. That said, we do also run latex in our shop, so unfortunately there is no way we can give you any sort of firm guarantee. It is still possible to be allergic to certain chemicals used in the neoprene casting process, but these tend to be far less severe and are caused by completely different substances than latex allergies.

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